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  • FinTech Alliance: The Investment Landscape Post-Covid

    Following the pandemic, digitisation has accelerated rapidly, and industries have seen changes in just a few months that might otherwise have taken years. The FinTech sector is no different, and the FinTech Alliance held an insightful panel this month on ‘The Investment Landscape Post-Covid’. The panel discussed the areas of focus within FinTech, including the […]

  • The Economics of Cultured Meats

    Jim Mellon, experienced food-tech investor and entrepreneur, has made the prediction that cultured meat will eventually be more affordable than both factory farmed and plant-based meats. This could become a reality within the next five years, according to Mellon. As an investor in the food-tech industry myself, a statement like this is incredibly interesting. Cultured […]

  • The Covid-19 Pandemic, Consumer Habits, and Plant-Based Meats

    I recently attended a fascinating talk from Fiona Lavelle (Queen’s University Belfast) titled “From the pandemic to the pan: A cross-continental overview of changes in consumers cooking and food practices during COVID-19”. She spoke about her research which gives a cross continental overview of changes in consumers cooking and food practices during covid-19. Pre pandemic […]

  • Women Entrepreneurs in AgriTech

    There’s no question that technology is revolutionising farming. Agriculture is now infinitely smarter thanks to the many ‘Agripreneurs’ whose companies offer sensors, robotics, 3D printing, cloud-based computing, and artificial intelligence. Drones and connected machines are more affordable, giving rise to smart devices for farming suppliers and service providers, allowing the exchange of vast amounts of […]

  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Art and Culture

    The year 2020 has been a time of crisis and innovation for all business areas, especially for the art world. As the virus spread across the globe, cultural institutions were forced to close. The Metropolitan Museum of Art closed on March 13th, ten days before New York went into lockdown. By the time Britain imposed […]

  • Nicole Junkermann’s Perspective on How Technology Could hold the key to Living Longer

    The current Covid-19 pandemic sadly all too clearly demonstrates the need for continual improvements and growth in the field of healthcare. Many people take their health for granted, however, this crisis will surely encourage society to reassess its priorities and give importance to those things that are really essential. Speaking at the Founders Forum Health […]

  • Supermarkets: A Drive Towards Sustainability

    I heard so many thought-provoking presentations from outstanding academics at the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) Conference 2020.  One such talk was given by Joanna Trewern from the Centre for Environment & Sustainability, University of Surrey. Her study focused on the intervention in supermarkets for “less and better meat”. She found that retailers have no […]