Nicole Junkermann on Spoon Guru’s Immunity Support Tag

Nicole Junkermann of NJF Capital presents Spoon Guru, foodtech innovators who empower leading retailers around the world to provide healthier food discovery and personalised shopping tools for their customers.

64% of people follow some form of exclusion diet

This means they’re choosing to exclude foods for medical, wellness or ethical reasons like gluten intolerance or boosting immunity.

Combining AI and machine learning with nutritional expertise, Spoon Guru is a search and discovery application for healthy foods.

Working with retailers, the company helps consumers find the right foods for them, whatever their diet or health preferences. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Spoon Guru launched an Immunity Support tag to help people identify products that support the immune system.

As health remains a priority, shoppers are increasingly looking for foods and supplements that improve and maintain the body’s natural defences.