Nicole Junkermann presents an A-Z of Femtech: B = Tania Boler

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents an A-Z of Femtech – a series of short videos focused on specific areas of interest in this hugely important and exciting field.

Tania Boler is the founder and CEO of Elvie, a global hub of connected health and lifestyle products for women.

An internationally recognized women’s health expert she has held leadership positions for various global NGOs and the United Nations.

Passionate about challenging taboo women’s issues, she founded Elvie in 2013 and has launched a wearable breastpump and pelvic floor trainer.

Each of her products are based on innovating around a real need that women are experiencing.

Boler says: ‘Women shouldn’t have to make do with shoddy design or pink spin-offs when there are self-driving cars in the world.’

She believes that there is huge potential to improve women’s lives through smarter and better designed technology.