Nicole Junkermann presents reBuy – an NJF Capital investment

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents reBuy, the leading marketplace for recycled consumer electronics and media content. The company is a pioneer of e-commerce in the second-hand electronics market, and now processes over 100,000 items a day and boasts over five million satisfied customers

It’s estimated that the world’s population will be discarding 60 million tons of e-waste by 2021. 

As our appetite for buying the latest devices continues to grow, this e-waste contains discarded smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Disposal is expensive which has led to illegal e-waste being shipped to vulnerable regions like South East Asia. 

When disposed of incorrectly, materials inside electronic devices like heavy metals can leak out and cause local pollution.

 ReBuy is an online marketplace that encourages consumers to buy and sell used and refurbished devices like smartphones and laptops.

By supporting recycling and refurbishment of electronic goods, ReBuy can help to decrease environmental pollution in vulnerable countries.