Tag: AI

  • Healthtech 2.0 – The Future of Femtech

    I attended the Health Tech 2.0 conference hosted by Women of Wearables Global. At this event I listened to a very interesting panel discussion on “The role of technology in creating better sexual health”. Moderated by Dominnique Karetsos, co-founder and CEO of The Healthy Pleasure Group, the panel discussed a wide variety of thought-provoking questions […]

  • Ocado: An AgriBusiness Case Study – Nicole Junkermann

    I was fascinated to learn during the Harvard Business School AgriBusiness Seminar that, on September 29, 2020, the market value of U.K.-based grocery ecommerce firm Ocado Group (Ocado) reached $27.5 billion, more than double its value in January and — as noted by the British Press. This surge in share price was a true reflection […]

  • Nicole Junkermann presents Owkin – an NJF Capital investment

    Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents Owkin, an AI medical research start-up whose mission is to use machine learning to develop better drugs for patients. Junkermann has invested in Owkin alongside Brent Hobermann, and they are passionate about the healthcare sector and its growing use of biotech. OWKIN is calling for partners to engage in […]