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Nicole Junkermann is an international entrepreneur and investor, who has built and sold media businesses, invested in disruptive, cutting edge tech companies and raised her own sports private equity fund.  Based in London, but a speaker of six languages with experience of living and working in Europe, Asia and the US, Nicole is the Founder… Continue Reading

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Nicole Junkermann explores the power of music with brand-fit

Nicole Junkermann of NJF Capital presents Soundtrack Your Brand, a music tech company who have built the best, most creative, and without comparison most fun product for background music. From restaurants to fashion outlets, retailers face a common problem in selecting a musical soundtrack for their retail space: individual taste. Everyone loves music but not… Continue Reading

Nicole Junkermann presents Cadence Health

Nicole Junkermann, founder of NJF Capital, presents Cadence Health, a women’s health start-up focused on providing a low-cost birth control pill that will be available over the counter. Almost 50% pregnancies in the USA are unwanted. Many of these are teenagers who don’t go on to finish high school. For young women, pregnancy can limit… Continue Reading