Nicole Junkermann presents Rippling – an NJF Capital investment

Nicole Junkermann of NJF Capital presents Rippling, a fast rising tech startup that simplifies a company’s HR & IT by managing employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, apps, and more—all in one platform that automates manual work, like onboarding new hires.

Managing employee data is often seen as an HR issue but information about employees is scattered across company departments and systems, from IT to finance.

Most often, none of these systems talk to each other about employee information, meaning employee data has to be entered manually into each business system or app.

This makes up a huge chunk of all admin and IT work.

Rippling eliminates this unnecessary work by providing a single system of employee data management that sits under every other business system.

Combining an all-in-one payroll, benefits and HRIS system, an identity/ SSO/ password management system and an endpoint device management system, Rippling is compatible with over 500 apps, from Salesforce to AWS.

In 2019, Rippling raised $45 million in new capital for its Series A investment round.

Rippling solves the problem of managing information about employees in hundreds of different places.