Nicole Junkermann presents Swarm Technologies – an NJF Capital investment

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents Swarm Technologies. Swarm Technologies is launching a satellite constellation that can provide internet access to 100% of the world for 10-100 times cheaper than incumbent satellite competitors. Swarm have invented ultra-light and ultra-small satellites, which make the launch economics very competitive. The company is initially targeting low-bandwidth use cases for Maritime, Agriculture, Network Extension and Global Development.

Experts estimate that 40% food in the United States and Europe gets wasted, causing huge economic and environmental damage.

In agriculture, decisions continue to be made through human observation, as they have been for thousands of years. 

Recent developments have made it possible to collect and monitor digital data about crops and use machine learning to help farmers optimise profitability.

This process relies on a stable internet connection, something most farms don’t have.

Global network connectivity can be achieved from space but it’s not cost-effective.

Swarm Technologies are tackling this problem by creating the world’s tiniest satellites, which cover 100% of the globe and are much cheaper to launch.

In the future, this connection between space and farms has the potential to feed the world without wasting resources.