Nicole Junkermann explores the power of music with brand-fit

Nicole Junkermann of NJF Capital presents Soundtrack Your Brand, a music tech company who have built the best, most creative, and without comparison most fun product for background music.

From restaurants to fashion outlets, retailers face a common problem in selecting a musical soundtrack for their retail space: individual taste.

Everyone loves music but not everyone loves the same music.

So how is it possible to improve one customer’s retail experience without ruining another’s?

Well, according to the biggest study conducted on the effect of music on restaurant sales, one answer might be to focus on music that fits your brand identity.

According to the study, carried out in Sweden by Soundtrack Your Brand and a leading global restaurant chain, music selected for brand-fit boosts sales by 4.8% compared to playing no music.

A soundtrack randomly chosen from the most-streamed songs in Sweden, meanwhile, caused sales to drop 4.3% compared to playing no music at all!

Soundtrack Your Brand provides music that works for your business.

Soundtrack Your Brand invest heavily in research and development and have reformed the licensing landscape by introducing direct deals with publishers and labels and pioneering a per-stream-based compensation model – to make sure artists and composers get paid accurately.