Nicole Junkermann explores the energy saving capabilities of AI

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents Phaidra, a tech innovator whose mission is to help industrial companies develop their own AI solutions.

Increased connectivity and AI powered technology will improve the quality of our lives, but this requires a lot of energy.

As a result, the tech industry’s carbon footprint could grow to 14% of global emissions by 2040, with many giants relying on fossil fuels to power computer infrastructure.

Phaidra is a Seattle based start-up that wants to broaden access to AI by enabling companies to develop in-house solutions.

This includes using AI to help businesses be more efficient, reduce energy consumption and switch to more renewable sources.

Formerly of DeepMind, the founders helped reduce Google’s data centre cooling energy consumption by 40%

So rather than contributing to the problem, AI can help companies in the fight against climate change.

Phaidra create products which abstract away the complexity of applying AI so that people and organisations who are not experts in the field can also benefit from the technology.