Nicole Junkermann presents an A-Z of AI: A = Algorithm

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents an A-Z of Artificial Intelligence – a series of short videos focused on key areas of interest in this hugely topical and consequential field.

From editing social media feeds to controlling driverless vehicles, algorithms have become synonymous with AI.

Algorithms are sequences of instructions telling computers what to do – to perform a task or ask a question.

Complex AI systems can be built by combining algorithms.

Algorithms are central to machine learning technology and AI systems like neural networks, machine vision and natural language processing.

Algorithmic trading accounts for an estimated 65-80% of trades in US financial markets.

The Spotify recommendations algorithm cross-references user-generated playlists containing similar tracks to bring a human touch to the streaming app’s recommended tracks feature.

In 2018, a multi-national research team programmed an algorithm to create a full simulation of a human brain, but there is presently no computer in existence powerful enough to run it.