Nicole Junkermann presents an A-Z of AI: F = Finance

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents an A-Z of Artificial Intelligence – a series of short videos focused on key areas of interest in this hugely topical and consequential field.

The last decade has seen AI make huge inroads into financial markets.

Some estimates put the percentage of algorithmic trading on the US stock market as high as 80%.

AI is now essential infrastructure throughout the financial system, from assessing credit risk and preventing fraud to enhancing personal banking.

According to research from AI consultancy Emerg, 15% of venture capital funding for AI in the banking sector is for companies offering credit risk assessment solutions.

In 2019, Amazon lent $1 billion to small businesses in an invite-only programme based on analysis of sales data by machine learning models.

There are currently over 200 robo-advisers in the US, offering investors an AI-based alternative to traditional, human financial advisers and investment management.

Under US financial law, robo-advisers hold the same legal status as human advisers.