Nicole Junkermann presents Jobbio – an NJF Capital investment

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder presents Jobbio, whose mission is to make missed career opportunities a thing of the past through the Inbound Hiring Revolution.

22% of a company’s website traffic is interested talent but this valuable data often goes uncaptured.

Traditional recruitment companies don’t have the tools to convert the search of these prospective employees into job applications. 

Jobbio is a digital hiring platform designed to improve the recruitment process.

One of Jobbio’s tools is a widget called Talent Collect which makes it easier for people to find opportunities at their favoured companies.

The widget directs interested talent to the company’s channel on Jobbio’s site. This showcases the employer brand and potential roles.

Through innovative tools like Talent Collect, Jobbio is helping employers connect with the right talent.