Nicole Junkermann presents an A Z of AI: J = Jokes

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents an A-Z of Artificial Intelligence – a series of short videos focused on key areas of interest in this hugely topical and consequential field.

Did you hear the one about the robot stand-up comedian?

You might not have done yet, but give it time…

AI systems can already do everything from playing chess to creating their own artworks and now the complex craft of comedy is the latest frontier in the field of AI cultural accomplishment. 

It’s no joke. Teaching AI to understand humour could bring huge benefits in creating realistic language processing and enabling more natural interactions with humans.

Already, an AI algorithm has outperformed humans in predicting people’s responses to new jokes.

Several research projects are also using AI to generate jokes, while a robot called A.L.Ex (Artificial Language Experiment) has performed stand-up alongside its human creator.

If AI is ever able to understand, as well as replicate, the subtle intricacies of humour, it will be a sure sign that machines are achieving human-like intelligence.