Nicole Junkermann presents Elvie – an NJF Capital investment

Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents Elvie, a health and lifestyle brand developing smarter technology for women.

All women go through the menopause as their bodies stop being fertile.

The transition usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, however perimenopause can start when a woman is in her late 30s.

As hormones shift and rebalance, women often experience mental and physical symptoms.

The pelvic floor and vaginal muscles can weaken as oestrogen levels dip, causing bladder leakage and dryness.

Regular Kegel exercises can help strengthen intimate muscles and prevent these symptoms from occurring when a woman reaches menopause.

The Elvie Trainer is a connected device that can help women perform Kegels safely and take control of their menopausal experience.