Investing in Nutrition; the Key to a Healthy Society

Nicole Junkermann is an international investor and entrepreneur, founder of NJF Holdings, an international investment company with interests in venture capital, private equity and real estate. Through venture capital flagship NJF Capital, Nicole oversees a portfolio similar in size to a small venture fund across Europe and the United States, including the high-tech, fintech and healthcare sectors.

As one of the first investors in the health and biotechnology sectors, at NJF Holdings we have supported and continue to support companies interested in using the advances of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to improve the health and well-being of people all over the world. Supporting companies to contribute to a longer and healthier life has been and continues to be one of our priorities.

Over the past 10 years we have seen how nutrition has become an increasingly hot topic for investors and it is easy to understand why. According to a research report published in October 2019, the global market for human nutrition is expected to grow 6.6% per year, to reach $ 465.4 billion in 2025. In this regard, investors will be watching closely to companies that seek to take advantage of technological advances to incorporate a part of this huge and increasingly global nutrition industry ”.

Similarly, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) published last year emphasizes the fact that investing in nutrition can save 3.7 million lives in 2025 and underlines the need to promote it in society optimal nutrition at every stage of life.

In other words, the true importance of investing in nutrition is because nutrition is the vital starting point for our health; Maintaining a healthy immune system is something that the global crisis of COVID-19 facing the world has unfortunately made very clear to us and good nutrition is key to achieving this. As the health world struggles to develop a vaccine, which still seems a bit far off, we are seeing the importance of having a good immune system in fighting disease.

Indeed, a publication of the Harvard Medical School pointed out in April this year that “in general, our immune system does a remarkable job defending us against microorganisms that cause diseases. The report warns that to boost our immune systems, the first line of defense is choosing a healthy lifestyle; Following general guidelines for good health, particularly with a balanced approach to nutrition, is the best step you can take to naturally maintain a strong and healthy immune system. The recommendations of the Harvard Medical School guide us towards a healthy diet, which is not substitutable for nutritional supplements.

That is why, as an investor, I am interested in companies that recognize the true importance of nutrition for our immune system and therefore for our health; and it is that by collecting again data from the report published by the World Health Organization, “investing in nutrition actions can also help the economy, since each euro spent by donors on basic nutrition programs returns about 16 to the local economy ”.

In short, all are advantages.