Healthtech: Another Way to Improve Mental Health

I recently attended the HealthTech 2.0 conference hosted by Women of Wearables Global. A panel discussion I found especially interesting was ‘Tech-Powered Solutions Paving The Way To Better Mental Health’. 

The global pandemic has taken a toll on mental health worldwide as it upends everyday life for so many people. Investment into mental healthtech has boomed, reaching £580 million in 2019. Technology-based products mean people can now access help and consultations. With Laura Lovett, the managing Editor of MobiHealthNews as moderator the panel spoke at length about how technology revolutionises access to mental health support. The panel consisted of Jolawn Victor, Chief International Officer at Headspace, Daniel Mansson, founder and CEO of Flow Neuroscience, Dr Monika Roots, Chief Medical Officer at Sanvello and Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, founder and co-CEO at MyOnlineTherapy

I agreed with the panel when they discussed the important role technology plays in improving mental health. This is part of a broader trend of technology helping people live longer and healthier lives. Technology has been increasing access to mental health support as described by the panel. Fitnesstechnology and home workout projects have been booming; for instance according to Bloomberg in September 2020, Peloton forecast a whopping $3.5 billion to $3.65 billion in revenue for fiscal 2021. Social media has played an exciting role in this boom.

The growing femtech industry has been making a real difference to the health and happiness of women around the world. An example of an investments I have made in the femtech sector is Elvie, founded by  Tania Boler.

This growth is also mirrored by a larger change in consumers’ changing with the rise of plant-based alternatives that are healthy for the body and sustainable for the planet. According to a study by Polaris Market Research, the global plant-based meat market size is expected to reach USD 35.4 billion by 2027. This trend is, in my view, an incredibly attractive investment. Not only that, but these are all aspects I believe add up to make life healthier and better balanced for people around the world. I look forward to seeing new and innovative ways that technology can help people stay healthy in the future.