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  • Nicole Junkermann and Real Madrid: the Future of Broadcasting Services in Sport

    The rise of technology has transformed the way we are consuming all forms of media, and the sports industry is no exception. A report from Drake Star Partners forecast that the global sports technology sector will reach $31.1billion by 2024. However, in these unprecedented times, the restrictive lockdown measures in place across the world have […]

  • Women of Wearables: Transforming Healthcare with AI

    In the last year, we have seen transformation of healthcare in ways we might not have expected, and is now more accessible, driven by technology and focused on prevention.  As part of the Women of Wearables conference, I attended a panel discussion on how artificial intelligence (AI) can transform healthcare. The pandemic has been a […]

  • Philips: the intersection of health, science, technology and beauty

    I attended the Women of Wearables conference where Raymon uit de Bulten delivered a keynote presentation on Philips and their work at the cross section of healthcare, science, technology and beauty. As an organisation, their guiding aim is to improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030 with their products, including 400 million in underserved […]

  • Healthtech: Another Way to Improve Mental Health

    I recently attended the HealthTech 2.0 conference hosted by Women of Wearables Global. A panel discussion I found especially interesting was ‘Tech-Powered Solutions Paving The Way To Better Mental Health’.  The global pandemic has taken a toll on mental health worldwide as it upends everyday life for so many people. Investment into mental healthtech has boomed, reaching £580 […]

  • Women of Wearables: The Female Entrepreneurs driving Innovation in FemTech

    At the Women of Wearables recent conference, I attended a panel discussion on the Rise of Innovation in FemTech. It was fascinating to hear from the entrepreneurs on the panel, from Essity, Natalist, Elidah and Elvie. The work of the panellists empowers women to take control of healthcare issues including: fertility, menopause and pregnancy. The […]

  • Healthtech – A Continuing Area of Growth

    I attended the HealthTech 2.0 conference hosted by Women of Wearables Global. At this event, I heard a fascinating panel discussion about investing in healthtech. The digital health market is expected to reach $536 billion by 2025 and 2020 will be the largest funding year ever for the sector. Led by Jenny Thomas, Director of DigitalHealth.London, the panel discussed many interesting questions, […]

  • Healthtech 2.0 – The Future of Femtech

    I attended the Health Tech 2.0 conference hosted by Women of Wearables Global. At this event I listened to a very interesting panel discussion on “The role of technology in creating better sexual health”. Moderated by Dominnique Karetsos, co-founder and CEO of The Healthy Pleasure Group, the panel discussed a wide variety of thought-provoking questions […]

  • Nicole Junkermann and Brent Hoberman on Owkin

    Nicole Junkermann invests in Owkin UK alongside Brent Hoberman and they are passionate about the healthcare sector’s growing use of biotech.

  • Nicole Junkermann presents Owkin – an NJF Capital investment

    Nicole Junkermann presents Owkin, an AI medical research start-up whose mission is to use machine learning to develop better drugs for patients.

  • Nicole Junkermann explores virtual staining technology

    Nicole Junkermann, NJF Capital founder, presents Owkin, a medical research start-up whose virtual staining technology harnesses the power of AI.